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 Serious Discussions: Rules

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PostSubject: Serious Discussions: Rules   Serious Discussions: Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 8:54 pm

Welcome to the Serious Discussions forum. This forum is meant to provide a place where well-thought out debates and discussions of current events or other serious topics can take place. To accomplish this, there are a few guidelines ALL must follow:

Respect other members. New Worlds Roleplays members come from all walks of life and all corners of the world. We have a multitude of views, and each one is valued when presented appropriately. The best debate comes when everyone feels free to share their views. To accomplish this, we must all remember to respect each other even if we vehemently disagree with the viewpoints being expressed. Respect the poster, challenge the argument. Rest assured, the staff will address those who post inappropriately. Those who rise to bait or otherwise cross the line into personal attacks, regardless of provocation, will be dealt with harshly by the staff.

Respect the site. We can tell when folks come here for the sole purpose of stirring up trouble and strife. When we see this, we will act. Swiftly. We'll try and give a warning, but summary bans may be issued in extreme cases.

Likewise, you know how to write. Use that knowledge. Reasonably proper grammar and spelling is a must for making effective points. Chronic poor writing in the face of warning will result in removal from the D&D forum.

Posting etiquette. Unless your post is the first one (in other words, you started the thread), please don't post entire articles. We don't want to read fifty thousand rambling words trying to find the one little sentence that supports whatever argument you're trying to make. Just post the relevant bits in quotes, and then link to the rest of the article. Obviously there's a bit of room for maneuvre with this rule, but if we feel you're ignoring it then we'll edit your post to point to a link to the article in question.

The only exception to this rule is where you have to register to read an article. In that case, we'd rather you posted the entire thing. Still, when you post such articles, please include a link to the source. We can't comment on an article if we don't know where it came from.

Debating style. Politics is a contentious issue by its very nature, and we recognize this. The debate will get a bit heated in here and we don't mind that at all. Foul language is not necessarily a problem, although it is best used judiciously. Jokes are fine. Personal attacks on other posters make you look like an intellectual cripple and are unlikely to convince anyone, so don't do it. It is not our intention in any way to stifle debate or opinions. However, there ARE limits. Basically, just remember the golden rule: Don't be obnoxious. Again, there is a pretty fuzzy line between what is acceptable and what isn't, and we will use our own judgement.

Don't flame other posters based on their beliefs. We don't care if they're liberals, conservatives, communists, or libertarians, go after their arguments and not the person.

If we feel you've overstepped the bounds, we may edit your post to remove the offending content and give you a warning. You will only get one warning. Do it again and we'll show you the exit.

A word to the wise- NEVER attempt to change edited posts back to their original content. Pull this sort of stunt and you will be banned immediately.

Balance. Do not post threads for the sole purpose of flaming one country, group, side or position. Biased articles, fine; editorial pieces aimed at certain targets, fine (as long as they aren't done in a way to make it personal). DO NOT make threads that only consist of "haha, stupid hippies LOL," "Boy republicans shore are dum," or "see, France sucks". They will be closed. Also known as the France sucks clause.

Substance. We expect you to provide backup in the form of arguments and/or proof for your statements. The more controversial the statement, the more you will need to show its validity.

Significance. Posts in D&D should be substantial. Real posts that contribute to the thread, and more importantly isn't a repeat of a previous argument that took place earlier in the same thread. Please no single word or line agreement posts- rather add something to the discussion.


"Stupid Religions" Clause: Each religion has its own flaws, and none of them are quite "perfect". Creation, abortion, and homosexuality are but a few of the more controversial subjects linked. When debating these subjects, back up your facts. Don't state something or someone is stupid for simply believing what they do, especially if based in their religion. You don't need to agree with them, but if we see anyone calling a religion or another member stupid for believing something, without any facts/argument to back up, your post will be edited and you will be warned. Do it again and you will be banned.

LOL Fanatics LOL Clause: As with the above clause, there are quite a good number of fanatics, and yes, their beliefs are pretty skewed, but there will be no flaming of them just because someone thinks Harry Potter is evil, etc.

The Idiocy Proliferation Clause: We can see stupid posts and threads. We don't need them pointed out to us with armchair modding and "WTF" graphics. These only contribute to train wrecks and encourage idiots. Please, if you see idiocy, let it alone. We'll be along shortly to clear up the mess. Promise.


Arguments Not Allowed in Serious Topics: Use of any of these arguments will earn you a three-day ban from Debate & Discussion.

Slippery Slope: Simply put, the "slippery slope" argument means that you believe that if, say, gays are allowed to get married, then pedophilia will become legal and people will marry toasters.

Strawman: "The straw-man rhetorical technique is the practice of refuting weaker arguments than one's opponents actually offer. To "set up a straw man" or "set up a straw-man argument" is to create a position that is easy to refute, then attribute that position to your opponent. (wiki).

1. Any political issue that holds little or no importance intended to sway voters, usually by fear.

2. A manufactured resistance to an issue, related to astroturfing.

3. A scapegoat. (urbandictionary)

Credit goes to AvatarSpirit.Net for the rules.
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Serious Discussions: Rules
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